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Interlink can provide EV charging stations for your business and large residential sites.

EV charging is a high-power application that impacts overall building power supply. Obtaining sufficient electrical capacity for commercial EV charging can involve high upgrade costs. 

Only the owner can make strategic investment decisions for a commercial building, although it is the tenants and visitors that receive the direct benefit of the infrastructure.  

When you are ready to start planning to make your building EV ready, there are 3 important steps Interlink can assist with


Carry out a stakeholder survey to help gauge EV charging needs and attitudes. The results can assist with determining the appropriate strategy, including demand and for supporting infrastructure.

Building energy assessment

Critical elements of an energy assessment include identifying:  

  • existing circuit breaker sizes 
  • historical peak energy loads 
  • energy usage patterns 
  • energy efficiency actions to reduce load and create extra electrical capacity (such as lighting upgrades)
  • whether you have the spare electrical capacity to accommodate EV chargers. 

Cost plan

Interlink will provide the most cost effective EV solution for your premises after the survey and building energy assessment are complete.

We can assist with usage and billing options

No usage fee:

There may not be the ability to measure usage and/or it is not worth the cost of administering billing. This could be suitable at sites with a small number of parking spots and limited expected EV uptake. 

Flat fee:

Often the calculation of a usage charge is difficult and may not involve significant amounts of money, so a flat fee (for example $1 per day) may be enough. 

Use existing meter: 

Where the EV charging equipment is connected to the existing tenant meter for the floor space, any increased usage charges are automatically included into the existing billing. 

Outsourced or ‘turnkey’: 

Many EV operators provide a turnkey solution that includes aspects of billing and cost recovery, for an ongoing fee. 

Owners may also decide they will not incur any cost and the tenant(s) pays for all costs to install the infrastructure.

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